How properties are allocated

We allocate properties based on our priority criteria. 

The person with the greatest housing need will then be offered the property  in line with our  allocations policy.


Offer of properties

The successful applicant will receive confirmation of a property offer in writing. The offer will be provisional until the applicant’s circumstances have been checked. The applicant will then have the opportunity to view the allocated property.

We will publish the outcome of the bidding process so unsuccessful applicants can see  their relative priority ranking and how many bids were made for each property.


Acceptance/refusal of offers

Acceptance of an offer must be in writing.

Applicants have 24 hours in which to accept or refuse any offer. This runs from the date of the viewing, unless this has delayed, in which case it runs from the date of the provisional offer. 

Applicants who unreasonably refuse two offers after successfully bidding for an available property will have their application suspended from receiving further offers for one year.


More information

If you would like any information about our allocations policy please contact us.

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