Common area maintenance

Estate management is a vital part of our housing management and maintenance service.

While our main aim is to provide good quality homes with affordable rents, you have the right to have enjoyment of your home and a decent, safe and secure environment to live in.

Our Estate Management policy highlights how we will adopt an active management approach to ensure that the appearance and cleanliness of each property and all communal areas on your estate are maintained to as high a standard as possible.


Our responsibilities

We will:

  • maintain grass, shrubs etc in landscaped areas to a very high standard;
  • ensure that all play areas, common paths, fencing, railings etc are maintained to a high standard and free of any safety hazards.
  • influence Inverclyde Council to maintain their landscaped areas, common paths, fencing etc to a very high standard.
  • identify areas, which would benefit from improved landscaping and source funding to carry out the improvements.


Questions about common area maintenance?

If you would like more information about our estate management policy and how we manage common areas please contact us.

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