Service costs and payment

As a home owner, you have to pay for your shared costs on a yearly basis.


How we share the costs

Each owner receives a detailed letter containing information on their share of property charges. You will only pay what our contractors have charged us.

As part of the common landscaping maintenance contract, we divide the total cost of any works by the total number of tenants and owners in the area.

We are responsible for recovering the cost to tenants through their rent.


Our administration charge

We charge all owners an annual administration charge of £10 (plus  VAT) to cover the staff time involved in organising contracts, monitoring works and answering enquiries.

This cost is reviewed each year taking into account the demands on our services from owners.



We issue the common maintenance bill in March / April each year and any bills for shared repairs within one month of the work being completed.

Both bills will detail the work done, when it was carried out, the location of the work, the total cost and your individual share.

You are obliged to pay any bills within six weeks of receipt of the invoice.


Debt recovery management

We take a firm, but sensitive approach to debt recovery and take action as early as possible.

If you do not pay your outstanding balance by the required date you will receive a reminder letter. A £15 late payment charge will be added to your account for each additional reminder letter along with any costs Larkfield incurs in related legal proceedings.


Having difficulty paying?

If you have difficulty paying your bills, contact us and we can discuss the re-payment options available to you.

Alternatively, there are a number of organisations who can offer you financial help and advice.

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