Benefits entitlement

We can help you to check what benefits you may be entitled to and help you claim for these. 

If your benefits have changed because of the welfare reform we can help with that too.

The  Entitled To website has a  benefits calculator where you can find out what benefits you might be entitled to.

If you have difficulties paying your rent, either because your income is low or you have had to stop work, you may be entitled to receive Housing Benefit towards your rent. If you think you may be entitled to Housing Benefit please  contact us  so we can complete a form on your behalf.

Alternatively, contact Inverclyde Council on  01475 717 171. They can help you complete the necessary forms.


If your circumstances change

If you currently receive Housing Benefit and your circumstances have changed you must advise the council.

You can either:

  • Call the Benefits Office on 0800 013 1375  and a form will be posted to you
  • Collect a Change in Circumstance form from the Benefits Office
  • Email  asking for a form to be sent by post


Getting help with your benefits

If you have any concerns or require any further information on the changes to your benefits please contact us to see out how we can help you.

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