Be a good neighbour

How you get on with your neighbours can influence how happy you will be in your new home.

We know instances of anti-social behaviour can sometimes make your tenancy difficult. We take reports of anti-social behaviour seriously and will take the necessary steps to protect you.


What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour can include drug dealing, harassment, racial abuse, loud music, untidy gardens or dog fouling.


How can you help?

We need you to report behaviour you deem to be anti-social and in turn we will act as quickly as possible to resolve the problem.

If your complaint is against a neighbour who is not a Larkfield tenant - for example an owner occupier or tenants of another landlord - we may be restricted in the action we can take against them. At this point we may ask you to consider the involvement of the police, neighbourhood wardens,   ASIST Team  or environmental health.


Worried about anti-social behaviour

If you are worried about anti-social behaviour in your area please contact us and we can give you advice and assistance on what actions you should take. Remember if you have been affected by criminal activity you should call the Police on 101.

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