We need your feedback on our Prevention of Rent Arrears and Debt Collection Policy

Rent is our main source of income and preventing and managing arrears is a major challenge for us. 

Without your rent we cannot provide our services or maintain and improve our homes.  

Although nearly two thirds of our tenants receive help with their rent through housing benefit (or housing element of universal credit), it is a condition of your tenancy agreement that rent is paid in advance on or before the first day of every month. 

We know that many of our tenants are struggling to pay their bills due to benefit cuts and rising household costs.  We currently provide support and assistance to ensure that tenants can meet their legal obligation to pay rent. 

Unfortunately if tenants continuously fail to pay their rent we have no option but to take legal action against them which could lead to them losing their home.    

We have reviewed our approach to make sure that it is effective and fair.  This approach is set out in our revised Prevention of Rent Arrears and Debt Collection policy.  It sets out:

  • the help we will give to current and future tenants to prevent them
    falling into debt,
  • what action we will take to help tenants manage any rent arrears,
  • when we would take legal action to end a tenancy.

Provide feedback

We would be really interested in your views and opinions of this policy before it is finalised. 

You can download a copy of the draft policy or alternatively contact us on 01475 630930 or by email and we will send you a copy. 

If you have any comments on this or suggestions for improvement, please contact Sharon Rowatt, Housing Manager, by Friday 17th November.