General information for Larkfield tenants during the coronavirus outbreak

Is Larkfield having a rent freeze like some mortgage companies?
I’ve not lost my job, but my hours have been cut and I am concerned about the time it will take to get any UC and my arrears will increase.
My neighbour is behaving anti-socially, why is Larkfield not dealing with this in line with their procedures?
My neighbour had a party/friends over last night, surely that’s not in line with government social distancing rules, what is Larkfield Housing going to do about this?
Can Larkfield carry out repairs if I am self-isolating or someone in my home has the virus?
My gas is due to be serviced, but surely Larkfield shouldn’t be coming in my house?
I am in the process of terminating my tenancy, where do I return the keys to?
I am worried as I cannot get out to top up my prepaid meter