Committee of management

The Committee of Management is responsible for setting strategies and policies, managing our finances and risks and monitoring the performance and quality of our services.

Members have a diverse range of skills and experience and are elected each year at our Annual General Meeting.

The Committee meets bi-monthly to:

  • Provide leadership and set our policies and strategies
  • Approve business plans, accounts and budgets
  • Consider and approve new initiatives
  • Approve the borrowing of funds
  • Manage risks
  • Monitor the performance and quality of our services
  • Work with our management team and staff to ensure the effective running of Larkfield

The Committee of Management is supported by a Housing Management & Maintenance Sub Committee and Health & Safety Sub Committee which meet at least four times a year.  

Our Committee

  • Sheralee McMillan (Chair) 
  • Suzanne Harris (Vice Chair) 
  • Aileen Hunter (Secretary)
  • Jim Canning 
  • Danny McMillan 
  • Denis Flannery 
  • Suzanne Gallagher 
  • Cllr David Wilson 
  • Adam Thompson
  • Allison Akhtar
  • Henry Cooke
  • Veronica Pollard

Join the Committee of Management

To become a Committee member you must first be a member of Larkfield. 

You must be over 16 years of age to stand for election and you must abide by Larkfield’s Code of Conduct for Committee members.

We will provide an induction, training and networking opportunities to provide you with the skills and experience necessary to carry out the duties expected of you.

If you are interested in becoming a Committee member please contact us.